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Hey everyone!

I have just recently made a facebook page and only putting my really goo pieces on there!

Here is the link!…

Please like and show support thanks so much!!

Cheers <3

So I've been inspired! I'll be taking photos like today, well tomorrow but today cause its 1:30am
So photos will be up with in a day or to!
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So I'm sorry I haven't got any new pictures up lately but I've been going out of town quite a bit, becuase my sister and I are looking after my uncles ranch and every morning there is a HUUGE heard of Elk and the leader is a male about 6 or 7 pointer so all this week i will be trying to get the perfect picture of him. I'm also going to hike up the mountain a bit because it is fairly close to the house and its just so gorgeous out there, so be prepared for some new pictures i^^
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Emobitchluv said the following:

Addicted-Squared said the following:

Please Notify all of your friends, it is important:

If someone by the name of Alfred Hundana (dragon_heart620) wants to add you to their buddy list, don't accept it. It's a virus. Please tell everyone on your lists, because if someone on your list addes them, you may get the virus too. This virus is a hard-drive killer. We need to find out who is using this account.

Very sorry for the inconvenience.

(To send to everyone on your list, just click the drop-down menu in the Recipient field and click 'Unsorted' or whatever the group name for you buddy list is.

Appearently, I have to send this. I appreciate my freinds, and I dont want you guys getting a virus (but it could be just a prank or a revengeful thing, but whatev's)
Heyy Evyerone,

So I have taken TONS of new pics but I can't put them on yet
because my new pup Anna-Bella chewed my USB cord :( so I'm getting a new one
sometime this week and then I will be putting on tons of new pics well not tons but new ones on haha.
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Hello everyone,

So today I'm going out around town and taking pictures with my
friend Rylan. Just random stuff, nothing to big, hes not modeling for
me or anything. But for tonight or tomorrow I will have new pictures up.

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Hello again everyone!


I got the call today!
The call saying that I can PICK UP  MY CAMERA TOMORROW!
I'm sooo happy that its now fixed!!
and there WILL be TONS  of new pics coming in!
I have LOADS of ideas and I can't wait!!

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Hello everyone,

Sooo sorry that I haven't put any new pics up latly.
My camera has been broken for about a month and a half now.
Its off getting fixed I should have it back in about 2 weeks or so.
I have TONS of new ideas or pictures. And I'm hopefully getting another puppy.
She is gorgeous, and I will get pictures of her and my gorgeous dog Duke.